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Whether you’re in the agriculture, construction, real estate, video production, or insurance industries, DocuVid Global can help you with all your drone needs. We offer drone videography and photography and provide a turnkey service and can deliver your images or video within a day turn around. All DocuVid Global pilots possess a valid FAA CFR 14 Part 107 UAS Airman Certificate. We are also licensed, insured and all drones are registered with the FAA and hold a valid certificate number.

Drone Photography 

Whether you are a real estate agent, a homeowner or a developer DocuVid Global can take beautiful aerial photography your property. We offer HD and 4K drone photography for real estate, inspection, insurance or commercial purposes.  We offer a turnkey service and deliver your photos the same day as your flight.  

Drone Cinematography

DocuVid Global also offers HD and 4K drone videography.  Our team of pilots are skilled cinematographers and video editors so we guarantee your footage will look professional and be put together in a timely manner. All clients receive raw footage and we offer a professional video editing service.


DocuVid Global can capture every stage of your project from start to completion. We offer 4K and HD videography and photography documentation services and drone mapping services to give you a detailed account of your work. Our video documentation service utilizes up to four cameras to collect raw video that is then edited into one video. GPS coordinates and street addresses are also embedded into your videos and photos to precisely pinpoint exactly where your work is being done. We deliver your final videos along with photos in multiple formats, including hard drive, DVDs or streaming video so you can access and forward your videos any time from our secure server.

Pre-Construction Documentation

We offer pre-construction documentation to show the pre-existing condition of your job site and its surrounding environment before the job even begins.

During Construction Documentation

We offer during construction documentation to show the construction process. This can help to evaluate progress of a job, verify materials used and will improve your ability to resolve a dispute before it escalates to legal action.

Post Construction Documentation

We offer post-construction documentation to show the end result of you work the condition of the surrounding environment. This allows you to have detailed depiction of how your job site was left at the end of the project.

Aerial Documentation

For clients who need an aerial perspective of their projects. We offer aerial documentation to give you a grand shot of your project and the surrounding environment. We also include a map with GPS coordinates to show you the exact flight path of our drone. We can even add it into our ground documentation videos to give you a 5th angle. 


DocuVid Global can help your company with all your video production needs no matter what the budget or the size of your production is.  From live events to commercials or promotional videos for your website or social media we can create it all.  We work with all our clients to help them come up with creative solutions for their video needs. Then we walk them through the production process from pre-production to post-production to come up with a captivating video that will catch the attention of your prospective clients. So leave the creativity to us, let our videos make your company look good. Contact us today, to discuss your next project.




With decades of experience in production we know the key to all good videos is pre-production.  We sit down with all our clients and figure out your message, who your target audience is and plan out your production.  


  After we plan out your video we go into production. While in production you work with our professional crew capturing captivating video that will engage your audience. 


It takes skill and experience to provide high-quality video.  Our video editors bring your video to life in the post production process. Adding music and graphics to your project and giving your video feeling.  



DocuVid Global is equipped to deliver your videos in a timely manner on any format you need. Including USB drive, hard drive, DVD or streaming video. Once we are done the process you can share your video on any platform you’d like. 

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