About DocuVid Global

Our Story

While being in the surveying industry for 40 years we noticed the need for video documentation of job sites.  Too often we’ve seen claims made that were simply not true.  Having eye-level video in 4K & HD quality has saved our clients thousands in false accusations and claims.

DocuVid Global not only films the site, we also provide professional turn-key video editing services and create videos that become the proof you need before you need it

States Served

Years in the Industry

Forward Thinking

Having a properly documented job site with pre-construction video will improve your ability to resolve any disputes.


Our decades of experience working on constructions sites of all sizes and types across the US gives us a unique advantage.

Client Focused

DocuVid Global offers several ways to photograph or video your job site.  We can handle any size project no matter where it is.

Prevent Loss

Seeing is more than beleiving, it’s proof!  Don’t assume anything.  Have proof of the job site condition before, during, and after construction.  Video documentation prevents letigation and invalid claims.

Professional Video

Forget shaky videos using amature equipment.  DocuVid Global provides pro-quality videography that is ready to view.  Our staff are trained and qualified in the latest equipment and software to ensure your video is top-notch quality, every time. We also embed GPS coordinates and addresses into all of our video so you know exactly where the work is being done. 

Complete Solution

From job-planning to distribution, DocuVid Global will take care of all of the details needed to ensure you have best quality video documentation.  With our pre-construction, during construction and post-construction videos we have your job site covered from the start of your project to completion.

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